More help for your problem cat.

Naughty No More Naughty No More is a must have book. Marilyn Krieger starts with a basis of clicker training then shows you how to expand on that base to solve many problem behaviors.
Think Like a Cat Think Like a Cat is perhaps the most authoritative book on cat behavior. Written by Pam Johnson-Bennett the leading expert in the cat behavior field. Another must have book for cat owners.

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is one I recommend without hesitation. Most cats prefer an upright scratching surface.
Some cats will prefer a horizontal scratching post. The SmartCat Bootsie's Scratcher can be laid down on the floor. 
Moutain Cat Trees Scratcher Mountain Cat Trees also makes some great scratching posts as well as cat trees.
Cat Trees need to be tall, sturdy, and have multiple ways up and down. This one is over 6 feet tall, has two ways to get to the top, and many scratching posts.
Stimulo Cat Feeding Station is a great activity for your cats.
Peek-a-Prize Fill the Peek-A-Prize box with those cheap fur covered mice toys. My cats empty it every night.
Storage bins make good litter boxes. The best litter boxes are actually storage bins. This Rubbermaid 3Q34 is 24"x18"x12" and inexpensive. Leave the top off! Cut down one side if your cats are very old or very young.
Tidy Cats Tidy Cats scoop litter is what my cats prefer. It has a very sandy feel and not too much perfume smell.
If your cat will use the Breeze Litter Box (not guarenteed) it is good for locations where you don't want sand all over. I use this with my older cat who won't walk down stairs to use a litter box any more. Special refill pads and litter pellets cost around $3 per week to keep it clean.
MHS The Michigan Humane Society has articles, a free behavior help line, and on line help request form.
Tree House Humane Society The Tree House Humane Society has a free behavior consultation help line.
Dumb Friends League
Dumb Friends League has a free behavior help line and many articles on cat behavior and training.
ASPCA has many articles on cat behavior and health.

Certified Behavior Help
American Veterinary Medical Association Many issues that seem like behavior problems are really medical problems so always start with your Board Certified Veterinarian.
The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants has a list of Certified Animal Behavior Consultants.
ACVB The American Collage of Veterinary Behaviorists has a list of vererinarians certifed to help with behavior issues.
Animal Behavior Society The Animal Behavior Society has a list of Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain may encourage your cat to drink more water. I recommend the Original over the newer versions because it uses a reliable aquarium style pump.
Feliway Spray is a synthetic facial pheromone to help your cat relax. It is just one part of improving your cat's environment, not a cure.
Black Light Urine Finder Find cat urine spots with a black light. Cat urine turns into salt crystals when it dries. When the humidity goes up the salt becomes moist and odor returns. Use an enzyme based cleaner on any stains you find.
Top door carrier A two door carrier is very helpful when going to the veterinarian. This carrier's top half can be removed at the vet's office. Put a blanket or bed that smells like home on the bottom then your cat can stay on the bottom durring examination. 
Training Aids
Home made toy Home made toys designed for shelters to motivate cats for clicker training. You can use them with your own cats too.
Cat Dancer Cat Dancer is a great toy for play time, distraction, and motivation.
Da Bird Feather Teaser is another great interactive toy.
Catfisher Fishing Rod and Reel is yet another great interactive toy.
Neko Flies The Neko Flies toys are more expensive, but well made. My cats love them.
Sticky Paws On a Roll double sided tape makes things uncomfortable for cats to walk on or scratch.
Urine-Off Urine Off Odor Remover or Ewww Cat Odor Remover are both enzyme based oder removers. Ordinary stain removers do not remove urine smells encouraging cats to misbehave again. Pee-Eww includes a black light.
Dr. Elsey's cat attractant Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter Attractant makes litter smell even more inviting to your cat. It is not a complete solution to the problem.
Kittens need a stuffed animal to wrestle with. KONG Kickeroos are made to be wrestled but any stuffed animal about the size of your kitten will work.
Friskies Party Mix It seems like tuna or some exotic freeze dried meat would be a good treat, but my cats unanamously perfer these crunchy treats made by Friskies. Who would have guessed?
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