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  I am Don Wells. I have a BS from the University of Michigan in Mathematics and an MS from Oakland University in Computer Science. I was part of a revolution in the way software is created. The revolution was a success! Many companies are now using the process I helped create to develop software. But that is the old me, now I am joining a revolution in the way we train cats and change their behavior.
I created this website to chronicle my journey from asking "why is my cat doing that" to "I know how to change that." My journey started a few years ago when I noticed a very beautiful calico cat in a cage at my veterinarian's office. I played with her through the glass for a bit. As months went by I saw Sienna still in her cage every time I came to the vet's office. I would play with her through the glass each time and she enjoyed the game.
I didn't understand why such a great cat would still be in a cage so I decided to bring Sienna home. I understood soon enough why no one wanted her; she had behavior problems. She was not my first problem cat. Another of my cats sneezes great globs of snot onto the walls, but I wouldn't give him up for anything. Sienna was my
first behavior problem, but I wouldn't give up on her either.
She liked to chew wires, no actually she loved it. She would bite or scratch anyone who touched her. I discovered later that this aversion to be touched is what kept her from being adopted and made all the technicians afraid of her. And so I began my journey to learn about cat behavior.
I worked with Sienna and made mistakes, but also made progress. Now she is a wonderful companion, the sweetest cat around. I also discovered she was the smartest cat around too. So I began reading about training her to do tricks. While looking for more information I discovered the Pawsitive Start program at the Michigan Humane Society (MHS). Feline Personal Trainers work with shelter cats to reduce stress and get them adopted.
So I started training shelter cats too. I learned even faster with the on staff professional trainers to help me. Soon I was offered a position answering calls about cat behavior at the MHS free behavior help line. I accepted the challenge and began to work even harder to understand cats so that I could help others with their problem
Sienna taught me many things about cat behavior problems.

cats. I also joined the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) to learn from cat consultants around the world. Everyday I learn something new and will share that with you as well. There is a link below to send me an email. Thank you for visiting cat-help.com!
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